The Redland Heritage Festival

Yesterday, we enjoyed the Redland Heritage Festival at the Fruit and Spice Park. The festival consisted of many local and unique small businesses setting up booths to sell their wares. It was like a craft fair but with an emphasis on the environment. There were sellers of local honey, or native/butterfly attracting plants, of artisan soaps, and more.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the Bubbleman there. If you don’t know who the Bubbleman is, he is a really sweet older man who really loves bubbles. He loves them so much that he invented a special bubble wand that he sells at a really great price. Dylan was so excited to see him and learn how to create the biggest, most beautiful bubbles.



After walking the festival, we explored the park independently. Part of the allure of this park is that you can eat any fruit that has fallen off the tree. They have so many different types of fruit trees so it felt like treasure hunting to us.


Shaun was happy to find mamey, I introduced him to mamey ice-cream and smoothies a few months ago and he loved them. This was his first time trying the raw fruit.


Dylan was really excited to find a large coconut that reminded him of Moana.


Meanwhile, Stella was in her stroller munching away on a pumpkin/banana bar as is evident by the crumbs on her face.


Then, we encountered a grove of jackfruit trees. I don’t think Dylan had ever seen a jackfruit before.


We also saw the longest banana tree inflorescence ever!


It was a beautiful day!