A Meaningful Meal


I love clay. I have worked with clay for 20 years. I love the feel, the malleability, and the fact that you can create whatever you imagine with this special material. I haveĀ a pasta maker that I use for polymer clay. I loved that I could just place a ball of polymer clay into the machine, turn the crank, and create smooth, soft, slabs of clay. I wondered how difficult it could possibly be to make pasta from scratch. I mean, I already knew how to work the machine. This inspired me to purchase a more expensive pasta maker in order to make pasta with my family. Today, while my son Dylan was napping, I Amazon Prime Now ordered a great pasta machine. 2 hours later, it had arrived. I was so excited to surprise my son with this special experience. Little did I know how much my family would love using the pasta machine!







This was a special night for us. To be present together, in that moment, and to create something special to eat was very exciting. My son was engaged throughout the entire process. He was eager to have an important role in this experience. I believe that, because he was part of the preparation, my sometimes picky eater was was more inclined to taste the pasta. And what a delicious plate of pasta it was!