After graduating from a local university in 2009 I married my high school sweet heart. We knew our life together would be filled with creativity, new adventures, and love. When it came time to find my new career, I wondered where I would end up. I had a degree in Psychology with a double minor in art history and ceramics. I knew I was creative and I knew I was analytical, thus being the reason for my interesting choice in major/minors. I always knew I loved children and needed to be around them as part of my career but I never felt I fit the mold of what a traditional teacher is. I struggled with that until I decided that a preschool teacher is a public school teacher’s whimsical little sister. Immediately after making that connection I noticed a special looking school with triangular shaped windows and a large image drawn by a child as the logo. This was the school for me. I was determined to be part of this special school and, after a few visits, I was offered a job as a preschool teacher.

I spent the following several years enveloped in the laughter of children, the whimsy of their creativity, and the beauty of the Reggio approach. During my time as a preschool teacher I had two children of my own. They bring a whole new type of happiness and excitement to my husband and me. Recently, I was offered the position of atelierista at the special school that I love so much. This marks a foray into something life changing for me. This is why I decided to begin a blog, to record these special moments.