New Growth…


Wow. It has been a while. I didn’t realize it had been nearly two years. When I posted last, I was in the middle of being diagnosed with Grave’s disease. I was scared, I was sad, and I just wanted to focus on my happiness: my family and my garden. Through focussing on my family and the garden, through documenting that journey, I kept my mind off of the disease. The garden is so full of beauty, life, and new growth that it makes me forget about everything else. I don’t know what stopped me from writing more often. Maybe it was the business of life or maybe it was that my Grave’s disease subsided. Whatever the reason, I am here now…filled with gratitude, looking closely at the garden and the many lessons that it provides, and ready to document my new journey. Here is a look at my garden and the beautiful plants that are blooming…

Delicious sungold tomatoes…
Our canistel tree is flowering!
Our Catalina avocado has fruit!
This year we have the most Kent mangoes we’ve ever had on our little tree. 
Our little starfruit tree…such a dedicated producer. 
A view of our little oasis…
We are constantly working to make our side yard as pretty and productive as possible. 

I’ll be writing more often. I feel inspired. I feel inspired by our little garden and the many gifts that it constantly gives, I feel inspired by the meaningful time I’m spending at home with my family, and, most of all, I feel inspired to document our journey so that we remember it always ❤

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