Harvesting Our Sweet Potatoes

We planted our sweet potato slips in mid-April. Since then, these beautiful leafy green plants with delicious orange tubers have made a beautiful planting bed specimen. Big, leafy and very healthy looking, our sweet potato vines were almost too pretty to harvest…almost. Although I hesitated to harvest them because they helped make our backyard look green and magical, I had to think of the actual reason I planted them in the first place…food! I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could harvest my own sweet potatoes since the day I watched a video of it being done on theartofdoingstuff.com (a very informative and entertaining website). So, perhaps a bit on the early side, I decided to harvest my 3 month old sweet potatoes.


It was incredibly delightful to dig up the tubers. I’d pull up the vine holding the sweet potatoes and yank out 5 or 6 at a time. They were orange, covered in soil, of various shapes and sizes, and made me oh so happy to see. Then, with my hands, I’d feel around underneath the soil for more sweet potatoes and, every time I’d find a new random drifter, I’d feel the joy and surprise that made me fall in love with gardening in the first place.




After all was said and done, we ended up with about 10 pounds of sweet potatoes!



After we harvested, I made sure to plant some of the rooting vines as well as to sacrifice one sweet potato for creating a new set of slips. I love how gardening exposes us to the endless cycles that create and sustain life ❤


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