Garden Update – July 2018

This month the garden seems to be thriving. Our watermelon vine is beginning to produce beautifully tiny watermelon, our Japanese eggplant plant is growing about 10 luscious eggplants, and our sweet potatoes are about ready to harvest.


The tendrils on our watermelon vine act like hands…constantly reaching for support.




Our peppers are just beginning to grow and our radishes look ready to harvest.



We’ve been picking the mangoes off of our mango tree and  letting them sit on the counter to ripen. We had our first home-grown mango last weekend and it was so buttery and meaty…very delicious. I picked 6 more last Saturday and left them on the counter…we’ll be enjoying lots of home-grown mango next weekend.


Our starfruit tree has millions of pretty pink flowers. We’re hoping that soon we’ll have many delicious star fruit to eat.


A rare finding on our star fruit tree: a spider guarding its prey.

Shaun has been working hard to prepare a new garden space: our unsightly and very narrow side yard. We brainstormed ideas for this space for months and finally decided on creating a banana patch. Our side yard only gets about an hour or two of direct sunlight a day. This space is usually shaded and a little humid. It’s actually a great place to grow bananas! Last Saturday, we headed over to Going Bananas in Homestead and purchased several different varieties of banana plants. What a lovely idea. The transformation of what once was the “junk alley” into a functional space where we can grow more food! Shaun is placing a series of stepping stones in that space currently. He has to go through the taxing process of digging each one into the ground, leveling each tile with gravel and sand, and then working soil around each stone. It’s a big undertaking…thank goodness he loves to work with his hands! Bonus: he’s a craftsman and loves to do things extremely well…my dream guy!

Here is a little look at our work in progress…


After Shaun digs in each stone, we’ll add some whimsical ground cover (sweet potato vine and mimosa), some mint for in between the stones, some mulch, and maybe a large easel and chalkboard to inspire the children to use this space. Oh, and we’re going to add a pergola arch at the entrance of the alley along with a little “secret garden door”. I cannot wait until this little space comes to life!


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