A Very Fun Fourth…

Yesterday was a lovely day. Waking up late, preparing a delicious breakfast, and lounging around with my little family is the best. We had promised Dylan that we’d go to the clubhouse pool so, at about 12pm, we drove over. We didn’t imagine that there would be so many people there. With no parking space in sight, and what seemed like thousands of cars driving around in search of one, we decided to go back home. Dylan’s disappointment was obvious. He looked out the window and began to cry. Stella wondered why we got ready for what she likes to call “Water Day”, drove around for 5 minutes, and returned home. Shaun and I hated to break a promise but we also realized how stressful it might be to be in such a crowd with two young children on such a holiday. There had to be something else we could do that was just as fun. I suggested we have our own “Water Day” in our backyard. Dylan perked up and Stella smiled. We got home and set up for some fun.

It turned out to be a very exciting time, I’m sure more fun than we would have had crowded like sardines in our clubhouse pool. Shaun and I forgot ourselves and became immersed in the moment with our kids. We blasted summer time music, set up our funny little octopus, and filled about 80 water balloons. The water balloons were my favorite. I purchased those easy to fill water balloon sets from Costco and they were so worth it. In 2 minutes we had 40 water balloons. We found fun ways to pop them and then we made more. Shaun especially loved throwing them up in the air and getting them to land on his head. Dylan and Stella thought that was the funniest thing ever.







Later in the evening, we took our little $10 pack of fireworks outside and lit them up. We didn’t realize that each firework does essentially the same thing. Nonetheless, Dylan and Stella loved them. During this time, our neighbors, who must have spent hundreds on their fireworks, began to light up the sky with a beautiful display of colorful explosions. We ran to the field in front of our house to watch. It sounded like cannons being shot into the sky. It was exhilarating to watch.







What a fun fourth of July ❤

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