The Beauty of Butterflies

Recently, I worked with the first/second grade class at my school on butterfly cards. This class has been studying butterflies for the past two years. They are very knowledgable and enthusiastic when it comes to butterflies. Working with them really inspired me.








A few weeks ago, I began a butterfly garden of my own. I purchased several tropical milkweed plants, one beautiful balloon milkweed tree, a few porter weed plants, and a few pentas. Then, Shaun and I spent the weekend gardening. I’ve always loved working in the garden but often found it difficult to remember to water the plants daily. With the addition of several hungry caterpillars munching on my milkweed as well as constant visiting butterflies, I am now excited to water my plants, check on my caterpillars, and watch for butterflies. I also noticed that Dylan and Stella are just as excited so I purchased a hatchery and brought several caterpillars inside to observe. Each day, we check on our hatchery. Has one of the caterpillars spun their button of silk? Can we spot one pupating? Emerging from their chrysalis? The process of metamorphosis is enchanting. It is a magical process that is a thrill to watch.