Ode to Our City: Deering Estate

This morning we decided to go to Deering Estate. It was a last minute decision based on our mission to make the most of every weekend. I immediately wondered if we would see manatees there. I had seen manatees swimming through the bay once or twice before and, since my son is studying the migration of manatees in his class, I hoped we would see them. We raced to the bay to find out. Right away, we spotted several large silhouettes in the water. It turned out to be a group of manatees! We sat for quite a while as we watched them swim around. It felt like such a special experience.





After that spectacular experience, we spent the rest of the time joyfully experiencing the estate. These types of adventures, where I am immersed in natural beauty and profound wonder, make me feel inspired. Today I felt infinitely happy and a bit nostalgic because I realized that, before we had children, Shaun and I used to spend all our free time walking through trails, kayaking, and exploring our beaches. This is our new mission, to spend as much time as we can experiencing the natural wonders of our city, with our children by our side…sharing these special experiences with them ❤